FOUNDATION ARNICA is founded by George Hristov in Sofia on May 30th 2007 in Sofia. It is registered in the Sofia City Court by the Law on Non-profit Legal Entities as organization with socially useful activity.

The ambition of the Foundation is to contribute for development and promotion of sport among children and young people; To help and encourage possibilities of youth up to 28 years old as well as disadvantaged young people for social integration, language education, cultural exchange and youth activities within the European Union. To build new and to develop existing sports grounds and halls, parks and gardens, as well as places for recreation close to nature; To encourage outdoor activities; To support mass sport and to improve health among the young people. Environment protection and other environmental activities.


Arnica is presented by about 30 species perennial plants. They vary from 30 to 60 sm. Arnica grows in mountain and alpine meadows. Arnica is cultivated of about 1 500 years and it is used as ointment on bruises.