Foundation Arnica is registered on 30.05.2007. The Foundation is registered by the Sofia City Court (company file № 7847 / 2007) and carries out activities in the service of the society and works for public benefit.

The long-term strategic task of the Foundation is to establish itself as a leader among the institutions working with youth. In the performance of its tasks the organization set its ambitious long-term goals:

  • To help for development and promotion of sport among children and young people.

  • To help and to encourage possibilities for development of youth up to 28 years old as well as disadvantaged young people in the field of social integration, language education, cultural exchange and youth activities within European Union. 

  • To build new and to develop and urbanize existing sports grounds and halls, parks and gardens and places for rest and recreation close to nature.

  • To encourage outdoor activities.

  • To support mass sport and to improve health of young people.

  • To protect and preserve the environment.

The founder of the Foundation – George Hristov – is convinced that the actual approval of the organization as an institution is possible by attracting wide public support among the majority of civil organizations and state institutions within the European Union, as well as by partnership between organizations with similar objectives. The resources that will be used by the Foundation in purpose to reach its goals are:
  • Collection of funds for realization of the goals.

  • Providing news and information to the interested government and non-government organizations, individuals and legal entities, civil organizations etc.ации и др.

  • Exchange of experience and cooperation with similar national organizations.

  • Participation in realization of projects with national and international importance.

Foundation line of business:

  • collection, processing and distribution of information,

  • consulting and information services and activities,

  • organizing of meetings, workshops and other forms of public activities,

  • education and support in purpose to enhance skills and qualification of the employees







  • Support and help of outstanding and gifted children in the field of arts and sport.

  • Organizing of meetings, workshops and training courses of personnel.

  • International collaboration with other foundations with similar goals.





Main program directions:

  • Unit for analyses and consultations on the problems of disadvantaged people.

  • Creating of centers for communication and socialization: youth clubs – involvement of young people and development of volunteer network in purpose to implement activities which are priority to the youth.

  • Office for social services and consultations: labor relations, health consultations, social protection, legal services and consultations, technical support of poor citizens for submitting documents for social aid.

Main activities and priorities:

Foundation Arnica performs by itself or in cooperation with other organizations and persons charitable, humanitarian, cultural, educational and sports activities directed to the young people and poor families.

  • Social activities

  • Educational and non-class educational activities

  • Employment and legal activity

  • Public relations

  • Cultural, educational and information activities

  • Mass sports