Initiative ARNICA

Initiative ARNICA

More beautiful and pleasant place for living!

Initiative Arnica is an undertaking, supported by Foundation Arnica, which aims to provoke initiative and to originate broad public support among the people who live in Druzhba, to transform the complex into more comfortable, orderly and beautiful place for living.

You want the green areas around your block of flats to be mowed and clean, the broken and husked benches to be replaced by new good ones, the bushed to be undercut and well-shaped and flower beds to surround the place. At the same time you are tired of waiting someone else to take care. All those things we can make together!

What we offer?

1.    Mowing machine for cutting the grass around the blocks of flats - free of charge

2.    Trimmers for small areas - free of charge
Scissors for trimming of bushes and branches - free of charge
Garden tools - free of charge
Sacks and gloves - free of charge
Consulting - free of charge
Benches and flowers - each month one of the renewed and maintained gardens will gain renovation of benches and new flowers

How can you take advantage of our proposal?

Contact us in the way which is most convenient for you using the information on our internet site. We will meet and discuss the possibilities to improve the area around your block of flats. We will also schedule date and time convenient to you to use the equipment. If it is necessary at your request a specialist from our office will assess the status of the area and will help with ideas and recommendations. In the agreed day and time we will deliver the necessary equipment to be used free of charge.

What you have to do?

The most important is to be initiative and to have a desire to change the ground around your residence. Send us via e-mail or bring to our office a picture of the surrounding area which you want to improve. Fill in an application form for the necessary instruments and items. Review the instructions for use of the equipment and... start changing the place while enjoying yourself together with your children, neighbours and friends! When everything is ready, we will get back the technique and you will have more beautiful space surrounding your home

Initiative of the month and Initiative of the year

At the end of each month we are going to present on our web site pictures of all renovated areas so you will have the chance to vote and we are going to rate them together. Each month one of the renovated and well-kept areas will be awarded with new benches and new ornamental flowers.

Volunteers of Initiative ARNICA

If you like the results of that Initiative, then you can share with people around you, you can show them what and how you have managed to achieve, and you can also connect them with us in purpose to change the areas around their homes too. Thus you will become a volunteer of Initiative Arnica and you will get as a present a T-shirt with the Initiative symbol. The most important remains that together we can make our small steps in making our neighbourhood more beautiful and pleasant place for living!

Initiative ARNICA starts on June, the 1st 2009